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Kids Days Out In Torquay

About Torquay - Torquay in Devon is often referred to as the 'Queen of the Riviera', and it is here the Riviera ideal really comes to life. Torquay was the birthplace and home of internationally- renowned crime writer Agatha Christie, and is steeped in history, from the awe-inspiring caves of Kents Cavern, to the World War II slipways at Beacon Quay. With so much culture, history, and an amazing nine beaches to choose from, Devon's Torquay really is the perfect place to relax on holiday.

Shopping - Torquay has a wide range of shopping facilities from the modern state of the art undercover shopping centre to small harbourside shops. An unusual shopping venue is the Pavilion, built in 1912 as an Edwardiantheatre it now houses specialist boutiques and shops. A cafe and restaurant are set on the terrace and offer breathtaking views.

Things to do and days out - There's plenty of entertainment in Torquay, with theatres offering a wide choice of shows, numerous wine bars, pubs, cafes and restaurants. The World's most famous crime writer, Dame Agatha Christie, was born and raised in Torquay and the town honours her with exhibitions about her life. Why not follow the Agatha Christie Mile and see the scenes of Miss Marple's detective work.

Torquay Museum

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A great educational and fun day out in Devon, Torquay Museumis a perfect destination for the whole family.

  • Free Attraction: No
  • Wheelchair friendly: Yes

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