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Kids Days Out In Hastings

About Hastings - Best known for its historical importance in the Battle of 1066 between the Normans and the Saxons, Hastings draws tourists on three fronts. Visitors are attracted by its historical importance, to relax in a seaside resort or to bathe in its maritime past and present. One of the original Cinque Ports, the lack of a natural harbour at Hastings led to the decline of its use as a port and a rise in the fishing industry. The Old Town is one of Hastings unique features. To walk through its lines of old, double-tiered, fishing 'net shops' is to take a trip into the past

Things to do - Throughout the town, there are a number of attractions that enthral local residents as much as they enchant tourists. The Sealife Aquarium gives visitors the chance to get close to everything from starfish to sharks, the Clambers Play Centre and the Stade Family Fun Park give children the thrill of a lifetime and the West Hill and East Hill Cliff Railways can, quite literally, take you to the top of the world.